Title: Hands on Wall

Location: Glenbawn, Poleglas, Belfast | Material: Bronze, Paint and a Wall.

The Hands On wall is a project was designed to build 'social capital' in a housing estate in west Belfast that was encountering social problems.  Bronze hand imprints were taken of approx. 60 local young people and attached to the wall.  A mural inspired by aboriginal identity was painted onto the wall.  Green is for the Irish identity, red is for the land and the yellow circle in the middle is the sun - the ancient God and source of life.  The two rivers stretching out from the hands are the hands prints of scores of other children and adults in the estate.  Across the top are the phrases 'Ar Lamh Ar Leas - Our Hands Our Future'

Title: Helix of Hope

Location: Calcutta, India | Material: Mud, Paint, Rice Straw, and Bamboo

The Helix of Hope was produced to reflect the Hindu practice of making idols of their Gods and then worshiping them for ten days before ritual immersion in the Ganges River.  My theme was that the future of children is our God.  I located myself with artisans who make these Gods - people who work in very basic conditions and with traditional materials.  The work was then publicly transported to The Loretto Day School, Calcutta where it went on public display for 10 days (as happens with the Hindu idols).  During this time I ran art workshops with street children who live on the roof of the school and other children who attend the school.  Their hand prints were cast in clay and attached onto the base of the sculpture; they then made a number of paintings that were used to decorate the Helix.  The theme was their hopes for the future.  After a public launch officiated by the Head of the British Council for East India, the Helix was again taken through the streets and ritually immersed in the local Ganges River.

Title: The Kicks

Location: Entrance to Poleglas, West Belfast | Material: Bronze and Stone

The Kicks was made with a small group from Glenbawn, Poleglas.  During workshops where the children made clay sculptures of various football kicks, I then married many of their ideas into this bronze sculpture.

Title: Swatragh Reimaging Communities


Title: Dreamcatcher

The Dreamcatcher stands at the junction of Altananum Housing Estate and the main road into Ballycastle.  It was made in conjunction with the Altananum youth group.  It is based on the native American idea of a dreamcatcher that catches bad dreams and allows good dreams through.  The feathers on the piece are decorated with images of the young people who were involved in the project.

Title: The Druid and the Seat of Knowledge

Location: Andersontown Community Centre

Title: Dulra

Location: Dumlamph Wood, Derry

Title: The Dilworth Cross

Location: The Royal School Dungannon

Title: The Poetree

Upperspringfield Development Trust

Title: The Gatepost

Location: Ferry Terminal, Portaferry