My life experience has probably been my most valuable muse and training in the arts.  I was born in Belfast and have become a citizen of everywhere.  I have also lived in many rural parts of Ireland and I currently live in the beautiful surroundings of the Glens of Antrim.  A tranquil setting that is a place full of friendly people with scenic landscape that is full of ancient history and beauty.

I am perhaps among the few artists in Ireland who have first hand experience of the Irish/British political conflict.  This historical political discord (100s of years old) has been and is one important influence on art that I create.

Over the years I have used a variety of traditional and multi media techniques to create a body of work that is influenced by culture, conflict and the search for human rights.

Alongside my 'art and peace' work I have also produced a substantial body of work that is influenced by the fantastic stories of mythology and culture.  For example the beautiful poetry of Seamus Heaney has been a great influence.  In fact in 2000 when Seamus Heaney became aware of my work, he sent his support in the form of a personal letter.  When he viewed images of my artwork that sought to capture the themes of his poetry, he quoted WB Yeats in his letter to describe what I was doing:

‘Those images that yet
Fresh images beget’.

Byzantium, W.B. Yeats

I continue to produce art in many countries around the globe and have had great experiences and brilliant opportunities to learn from: A four month arts’ residency in Calcutta (Kolkata) India, 3 months in Uppsala, Sweden, I exhibited in New York, I found ‘brothers in art’ in the Aboriginal community, Australia and created site specific installation in Valencia, Spain and most recently completed an artists residency in Umm Al Fahm, North Israel/Palestine.  I have worked in schools and community centers across the Basque Country with the International Gathering of Artists for Peace and have worked with numerous communities and school groups across Ireland.

I have exhibited widely in Ireland and in many international venues. For details of past events and exhibitions please have a look at my CV section.

Thank you for visiting  I hope that you enjoy the experience; feel free to pass the details along to everyone you know.  I value any comments and feedback so please send me an email or join my mailing list at:

Good luck,
Raymond Watson

A Long Walk