Seamus Heaney

Those Images That Yet, Fresh Images Beget. Read More

Unlocking – Vinyl LP

Unlocking: Yard Side/Garden Side

The sound recorded on this LP was created with items from The Crumlin Road Prison Belfast and memories that still echo in the enclosed confines of my head. Read More

The Mystery Of Broighter

This exhibition featured important new works exploring the important discovery of the mysterious ancient Broighter Boat Gold Hoard - themes of spirituality, time dimensions, story telling and journeys; presented through sculpture, painting and installation. Read More

Shot Lock Paintings

The Shot Lock began as a series of work that explored aspects of the many forms of cultural and political imprisonment. Many of the images were inspired by the story of Long Kesh or the Maze Prison. Read More

The Belfast Flags Of Hope

The Belfast Flags of Hope '...spoken on the breathe of nature.' The goal of the Belfast Flags project is to take a step towards the creation of a new and positive attitude towards flag flying.  Read More

Irish Art World 1999~2008 has been my main web site for a number of years and outlines many of the projects that I have conducted down through the years. Read More

Irish Art World - Installations

This installation work was exhibited in The Lagan Tunnel, beneath the River Lagan, Belfast and at an earlier stage in the gallery at Conway Mill. The Tunnel was the perfect venue for artwork that explored issues of cultural confinement. Read More

Irish Art World - Sculptures

I have produced a variety of sculptures in different materials. The first series of work pictured here are from the 'Journeys' exhibition held in The Lagan Lookout. This took as its theme water bound journeys as a metaphor for exploring many issues. Read More

Irish Art World - Public Art

I have produced a substantial amount of public art work in the north of Ireland, most of these have been in the Belfast area. Most of my public work has been produced in circumstances where I have worked closely with communities, schools and other groups. Read More