Journeys Exhibition

at The Lagan Lookout

Title: Journey of Motherhood

Material: Bronze and Stone. This piece portrays a pregnant woman in a long narrow boat.

Title: Journey of Childhood

Material: Bronze and Stone. Portraying two children doing cartwheels on a boat, exhibiting the free nature of children in contrast to the confining protectiveness of adults.

Title: Journey of Man

Material: Bronze and Stone. A naked man perched on an ironing board and balanced on a narrow boat, contemplates an iron and a pot.

Title: Immigrant Boat

Material: Bronze and Sculpted Wood The sculpted element represents the figures who may have immigrated through famine or otherwise - the bronze sails represent the poverty and hope they hoped to find.

Title: Dug Out

Material: Bog Oak. *Acquired by Antrim Borough Council. This piece represents the scenario of early man journeying by water and the senses that he may have relied upon. Sculpted on the side of the boat are images of tools and the five senses.

Title: Brighter Boat

Material: Bronze and Slate. *Acquired in a private collection A commemoration of the original Broighter Boat.

Title: The Spirit Boat

Material: Bronze and Stone. This boat represents pagan, Christian and Muslim travelling together.