The Hands of History

The Hands of History +20

I launched this site to publish my ongoing exhibition Hands of History +20, an exhibition that began 20 years ago to mark The Good Friday Agreement. Now 20 years later the exhibition project like the Agreement is still evolving. The Hands of History +20 opened March 9th 2018 at Victoria Gallery and Museum, Liverpool; supported by the Institute of Irish Studies (University of Liverpool) and curated by ArtisAnn Gallery (Belfast). The Hands of History +20 presents the hand casts of more than 30 of the lead people who negotiated Good Friday and maintained the implementation of the Agreement over the last 20 years, including figures such as David Trimble, Gerry Adams, Mo Mowlam, Sen. George Mitchell, Lord Chris Patton, Bertie Ahern and many more. The exhibition also presents many new and unique and immersive installation pieces such as 'The Keys' soundscape and 'The Hook and The Wall'. For more info please surf on.

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